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Despite 'ban,' fat-cat lobbyists bankroll Obama

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Despite 'ban,' fat-cat lobbyists bankroll Obama

Postby pcmoore28 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:53 pm

President Obama doesn't take campaign contributions from lobbyists -- unless you count the owners and CEOs of lobbying firms, corporate vice presidents for government relations, or managing directors for public policy.

"We don't accept any money from special-interest groups or Washington lobbyists," the Obama campaign bragged in a recent email touting the $70 million raised last quarter by the campaign and the Democratic National Committee. But if you comb through the actual filings with the Federal Elections Commission, you see how misleading this claim is.


This article will sicken you...it gives a few examples of the hypocrisy of Barack Obama. He gives Slick Willy a new meaning....Even Bill was not this slick.

If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you are not a racist…
You’ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

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