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Newt ILizard or Politician) Same Same

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Newt ILizard or Politician) Same Same

Postby retiredarmy » Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:26 pm

Well the people of SC proved my point about religion in politics!

These hypocritical idiots just gave a big bounce to a guy that acts in a manner that they say is inconsistant with that of a truly religious person.

He was sent packing from the house, cheated on 2 of 3 (and maybe even the 3rd but she don't care!) wives, made a fortune from his political office and now says he has religion (LOL). Yes he is a speechifier but his values are somewhere in the toilet to what they say is THEIR standards.

I'm going to make it a point to avaid that state as much as I can! They say one thing and do another and have the audacity to say they are the religious center of the USA???

The rest of the crew isn't much better! But our current president is killing us indirectly with his outrageous give away programs and allows a large portion of our refined petrolium products (gas) that is not being used to be shipped who-knows-where! What's wrong with storing it and releasing it as the prices go up or is he supporting some Arab state? He allows a system that just may reduce our dependence on foreign oil and get some of the shovel ready jobs he's always talking about, but doing nothing (until the election cycle really gets going).

Fire them all and let's start over. But with no pension plans, bonuses or capability of making their office a career. Lock their pay to the rise and dip of the economy and make it ilegal for them to make any profits from their office. All revenue of politicians needs to be made public so we can see exactly where their wealth in office ccomes from!

Shit there I go again!

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