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Answer to Immigration Problem

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Answer to Immigration Problem

Postby retiredarmy » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:58 am

We have many, many illegal border crossings each and every day. I can understand why many of these illegal immigrants seek to come here and therein lies the problem. They (most of them) are fleeing poverty and searching for a safe place and also to seek work in order to survive. Apparently they cannot do this in their own countries.

But after they settle here they make demands of us to provide health care and other amenities. Many do not assimilate into our culture but demand that we accept theirs and naturally our elected non-representatives start ignoring laws and do their best to make things easier for them. For example we spend millions and millions of dollars making signs and documents in dual languages of English and Spanish. Why should they change when our lawmakers accede to their demands?

If our government would accept these immigrants and demand payment for their needs from the Mexican government then just maybe it would be more acceptable to American citizens because they would no longer be required to pay for their upkeep. How can this be done? Each and every illegal alien caught in the act of coming across the border would be detained until the Mexican government paid an initial entrance fee. If they refuse to do so our elected non-representatives would initiate action to tax any items of trade coming into the United States to pay that fee. Yes, it is a dream thought!

The now legal immigrant for work purposes is allowed entry and must report their whereabouts weekly or some designated time interval. Any and all costs for their upkeep would be a responsibility of the Mexican government because that is where they crossed the border and billed to them. Should they refuse to pay all trade with the Mexican government should be halted.

Many will say that this would hurt the United States. How? Manufacturers sent our jobs to Mexico to reap huge profits by exploiting low wage, hardworking, Mexican workers. Any non-representatives that absolutely refuse to listen to these ideas should be immediately investigated as to where their loyalties lie and also where their monetary investments are. The problem is our own government in allowing this to continue.

If a Mexican citizen is injured in the United States we pay! They hold a US Marine in captivity and we do nothing. Now you tell me where the problem really is!
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