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Veterans Still Getting the Shaft

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Veterans Still Getting the Shaft

Postby retiredarmy » Fri Jun 06, 2014 10:38 am

OK, so the President influences the VA Chief to resign and the problem is supposedly now under control. Bullshit! Without being able to hire and fire it's no wonder Shinseki couldn't control the department. The same individuals that created the VA problem are still secure in their jobs and are still receiving their bonuses for doing nothing and cannot be fired. Just like our non-representatives!

We the people must stand up and demand rights for our protectors. Make all representatives and government workers get their health care at VA centers by shifting all union dues and healthcare costs currently proved to them to the VA. Let's see how long the problem would exist after that. It's a dream of course but why do they get better benefits than those that step forward and put their lives on the line unlike those that only put their mouths on the line.

Then we have the president honor a damn traitor! I hope that blows right up in his face as this is a direct assault on all those who have honorably served their country. The audacity that he bypassed a law to do so and then freed, not little terrorists, but their entire leadership. This is placing ALL OF US in jeopardy! These are not nice guys, they are the worst of the worst and want to kill all Americans and he just traded them to make the news. This is the most criminal president this country has ever had to endure!
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Re: Veterans Still Getting the Shaft

Postby pcmoore28 » Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:20 pm

Many are just as outraged. I think this latest "rescue" of our soldier held for 5 years is blowing up in his face. He has woken up a sleeping democratic party....

I have no problem with bringing Bergdahl home, he is a confused American soldier and he will have his own trials and tribulations to face with the military tribunals. But to exchange 5 hardened, American-hating, murderous Gitmo prisoners for him is way more than anyone can stomach.

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